Graduate Course Information

Beginning in 2016, the MSCM degree plan includes the following course work: 

 Suggested Degree Plan

Semester Courses
1st Fall COSC 681, COSC 690, STAT 651, 3 hours Electives or Leveling as required.
2nd Spring COSC 691 (1 hr), 9 hours Electives or Leveling as required.
Summer Leveling as required OR COSC 684 
3rd Fall COSC 691 (3 hrs), Remaining Electives
4th Spring COSC 691 (2 hrs), COSC 681 (1 hr), Remaining Electives

All Graduate syllabi and faculty CV can be found online through Howdy or the Registrar's Office (choose the link to "Schedule of Classes").  For a detailed list of all of our faculty members and their areas of expertise click here.

Student Learning Outcomes - Expectations for a Thesis in Construction Management ( 60.7 KB)

620. Construction Company Operations

622. Construction Economics

631. Advanced Productivity and Lean

642. Construction Information Technology

644. Advanced Construction Systems

650. Advanced Construction Visualization

663. Sustainable Construction

670. Facility Asset Management

681. Seminar

684. Professional Internship

685. Directed Studies

689. Special Topics in... 

690. Theory of Research in Construction Management

691. Research