Policies & Procedures

Policies & Procedures Handbook

The Master of Science in Construction Management Policies and Procedures Handbook for the 2018-2019 academic year is currently under revision.  It will be placed here int he near future.  Previous versions of the MSCM Policies and Procedures Handbook may be found:

Degree Plans

The Department of Construction Science offers two options for the completion of the Master of Science in Construction Management.  The MSCM - Thesis Option is a research-based approach that culminates with the writing and defense of a thesis.  The MSCM - non-Thesis Option is a coursework-based degree with a written comprehensive final examination.  Coursework requirements for each MSCM Option may be found:

All students must also adhere to the current Texas A&M University Graduate Catalog when they enter the Department of Construction Science.  Students may request to be moved forward to a newer catalog if their degree program is revised but they may not use an earlier (or older) version of the University Catalog.  Students must complete all of the requirements for their specific catalog to be awarded a degree.

To view the current catalog see the University Catalog.

Core Course Requirements

Graduate students in the Master of Science in Construction Management program are expected to possess fundamental knowledge of construction management.  The Core Course requirements represent the foundational level of construction knowledge that is expected by all graduates from the Department of Construction Science.  All of the Core Courses are required for both the MSCM - Thesis Option and non-Thesis Option; however, COSC 606 and COSC 608 may be waived with sufficient evidence on the student's transcript that similar coursework has been completed previously.  If either or both of these courses are waived, they will be replaced with the same number of credit hours of Construction Science electives.  The degree plan may include a minimum of nine and a maximum of 15 credit hours of core courses.  The required COSC Core Courses are:

COSC Core Courses


COSC 601 Construction Practices


COSC 602 Construction Estimating


COSC 603 Construction Scheduling


1COSC 606 Electrical and Mechanical Construction


1COSC 608 Structural Principles and Practice




1These courses may be waived with approval of the Graduate Program Coordinator.

English Language Proficiency

In addition to TOFEL testing required for application, ALL international students whose first language is not English are required to pass the English Language Proficiency Exam (ELPE) administered by the Office of Measurement and Research Services at Texas A&M University in order to take MSCM core courses. A minimum score of 70 on all sections is required to pass the ELPE. Graduate Assistants must pass these tests with a score of 80 to be employed by the department.  Scores lower than 70 require completion of English Language Institute (ELI) courses. These courses must be completed before MSCM core courses can be taken. Visit the following webpage for ELPE dates and additional information: Data and Research Services at Texas A&M.