Goals & Objectives

Below are the goals, objectives, strategies, and metrics of the Industry Relations Office:

Industry Relations Office Goal

We will maintain connections with communities, industry, professional associations, and accreditation groups through engagement in public service, public relations, internships, and student chapters.

Industry Relations Office Objectives, Strategies and Metrics

Objective 1:  Grow and diversify the CIAC membership and internship providers.

Strategy:  CIAC members reach out to non-member companies to encourage their memberships.

  1. Fall 2016 – Establish benchmarks of the diversity among the CIAC membership in regards to the type of company and business sector. Brief the CIAC membership on the need for increased facility management internships to address the expected growth in the Facility Management Minor.
  2. Fall 2016 – Spring 2017 – Develop a list of potential venues and dates (conferences and meetings) for those professional and trade associations that are not represented by the current CIAC membership. Develop a multi-year plan to participate in such venues in order to promote construction science and facility management internships.
  3. Fall 2017 – Extend associate membership invitations to professional and trade organizations to increase diversity, with invitation to attend the 2018 CIAC meetings.
  4. Spring 2018 – Host a meeting or conference for a facility management or facility owner professional or trade association.
  5. Fall 2018 – The Industry Relations Coordinator will brief the CIAC members on the diversity benchmarks established for the CIAC membership, and task the Membership Committee to identify target companies to increase diversity in memberships.

Metrics: By 2021, the CIAC will increase the diversity of CIAC members to include a 20% increase compared to the Fall 2016 benchmarks.


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