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Texas A&M University College of Architecture

Course Information

*All syllabi and faculty CV can be found online through Howdy or the Registrar's Office*


153. Introduction to the Construction Industry

175. Construction Graphics Communications

202. Introduction to Housing

253. Construction Materials & Methods I

254. Construction Materials & Methods II

275. Estimating I

284. Introduction to Applied Workplace Ethics, Etiquette and Communications

285. Directed Studies

291. Research

301. Construction Surveying

310. Design and Construction Leadership Education I

321. Structural Systems I

325. Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing Systems in Construction I

326. Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing Systems in Construction II

353. Construction Project Management

364. Construction Safety I

375. Estimating II

381. Professional Ethics in the Construction Industry

410. Design and Construction Leadership Education II

411. Seminar in Design and Construction Executive Leadership

421. Soil and Structural Analysis

440. Interdisciplinary Capstone

441. Residential Capstone

442. Commercial Capstone

443. Industrial Capstone

446. Specialty Capstone

450. Facility Management Principles and Practices

459. Industrial Construction

461. Building Information Modeling System

463. Introduction to Construction Law 

464. Construction Safety II

465. Advanced Topics in Construction Law

468. Risk Management in the Built Environment

474. Facility Management Summer Internship

475. Construction Project Planning

477. Construction Project Controls

481. Seminar

484. Summer Internship

485. Directed Studies

489. Special Topics in... 

491. Research

494. Internship