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Texas A&M University College of Architecture

Graduate Program

The Department of Construction Science (COSC) offers the Master of Science in Construction Management (MSCM). The MSCM is one of only five graduate construction management programs in the nation accredited by the American Council for Construction Education (ACCE). Furthermore, the MSCM is among the few graduate construction programs classified as a STEM program.

The MSCM has broad appeal to a wide audience of potential students. Prospective students range from those who have extensive experience in construction who are seeking an advanced course of study, to those with little experience who are seeking a path to the construction industry. Current and former students in the MSCM program include individuals from a wide variety of educational backgrounds, such as architecture, engineering, business, and many others. The MSCM degree has both thesis and non-thesis options. Each option takes approximately two years to complete.

Master of Science in Construction Management

MSCM – Thesis Option

The MSCM – Thesis option requires 32 credit hours for completion. It is a research-based degree program that focuses on scientific inquiry into a construction-related topic. The student works closely with a faculty research advisory committee to identify and investigate an appropriate subject. The student's work culminates with the preparation, presentation, and final defense of a thesis.

MSCM – Non-Thesis Option

The MSCM Non-Thesis Option requires 36 hours for completion. It is a course-based degree program that adds breadth and depth to the student's existing educational background. Students take a combination of required and elective courses that satisfies the requirements of fundamental construction knowledge as well as individual interests. In lieu of a thesis, each student completes a summative project during the final semester in the program.


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