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On-Campus Meetings

The CIAC meets on campus twice each year. The on-campus meetings are used to transact business and to enjoy special agenda topics of professional interest. The spring on-campus meeting will coincide with the Department's Annual Scholarship and Awards Banquet.

Proposed changes in the curriculum and the impact of pending changes in educational policies are presented for the industry's response. The value of internal and external assessments of the academic program is enhanced by the exchange of ideas and the feedback provided by those industry members in attendance.

Meeting Minutes

Fall 2019 Board Meeting Minutes

Spring 2019 Board Meeting Minutes

Fall 2018 Board Meeting Minutes

Spring 2018 Board Meeting Minutes

Fall 2017 Board Meeting Minutes

Spring 2017 Board Meeting Minutes

Summer Luncheons

Each summer the Construction Industry Advisory Council (CIAC) hosts luncheon meetings in Houston, Dallas/Fort Worth, Austin, and San Antonio for its members and guests. Construction and construction-related business entities and members of the construction industry are invited to join the CIAC at these meetings.

The purpose of the luncheons is to provide an update on the construction education program at Texas A&M University. Statistics from the exit surveys of graduating seniors are presented to provide the CIAC members with the latest employment data on job placement and starting salaries. Trends in the admission process and the demographic breakdown of new students are discussed.

Student and industry guest speakers also contribute to the value of these luncheons with their unique perspectives on current issues of mutual concern to both the industry and the university.

Summer Presentations

2020 Summer Luncheon Presentation

2019 Summer Luncheon Presentation

2018 Summer Luncheon Presentation

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