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As a Tier 1 institution of higher education, Texas A&M is dedicated to its mission of discovery, development, and dissemination of new knowledge through world-class research with high societal impact.  The Department of Construction Science (COSC) has a strong track record of contributing to this mission.  COSC faculty and student researchers continue to produce high-impact research leading to transformative inventions and the integration of research with teaching.

The multidisciplinary and diverse COSC research portfolio is designed to tackle real-world problems through convergent research and scholarly activity at the intersection of the built environment, enabling technologies, and stakeholder needs and quality of life, while addressing challenges associated with data and information systems, extreme events, sustainability, and future workforce development.  In 2019 alone, our faculty secured an enviable $3.51 million in research funding from more than 40 external grants.  Currently, nine faculty hold editorships with top-tier journals.

Over the next five years, we are committed to expanding our impact by supporting the transformative research of our faculty and students.  We will continue to create knowledge that advances the collective understanding of imminent investigative frontiers in construction science, education, and management domains.


Dr. Amir Behzadan
Research Coordinator
Department of Construction Science
Texas A&M University
College Station, Texas 77843-3137

Phone: +1 (979) 458-0182