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Research Highlights


Professor Ham's Paper Receives ASCE Best Paper Award

June 2020 - The paper titled "participatory sensing and digital twin city: updating virtual city models for enhanced risk-informed decision-making" by Dr. Ham and his Ph.D. student, Jaeyoon Kim, has received the 2020 Best Paper Award from the Journal of Management in Engineering, one of the most prestigious journals of the American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE). This paper proposes a new framework to bring crowdsourced visual data-based reality information into a three-dimensional (3D) virtual city for model update with interactive and immersive visualization.



Professor Rybkowski Speaks at TEDx TAMU

February 2020 - Dr. Zofia Rybkowski delivered a talk on "seeking truth: the luminous power of serious games and simulation" at the latest edition of TEDx TAMU.  In her talk, Dr. Rybkowski speaks to her personal transformation from bench scientist to academic researcher and educator of architecture and construction management at Texas A&M University.  She shares how serious games and simulations can serve a similar (though more lighthearted) role in controlled experimentation, as a way of seeking truth in the sometimes confusing and contradictory world of project management.



Research Article by COSC Faculty Receives Best Paper Award

November 2019 - Dr. Behzadan's paper titled "multi-dimensional sequence alignment for context-aware human action analysis of body-sensor data" has received the Best Paper Award of the 4th International Conference on Civil and Building Engineering Informatics (ICCBEI 2019). This paper presented a bioinformatics-inspired approach to classifying human time-motion signals collected by wearable sensors. ICCBEI 2019 was held in Sendai, Japan on November 7-8.



Professor Dixit Receives NSF Grant to Use VR, Eye Tracking, and EEG Data to Train the Future Workforce

September 2019 - We are pleased to announce that Dr. Manish Dixit is the recipient of a major research grant from the National Science Foundation (NSF) to explore the use of Virtual Reality (VR), eye tracking, and electroencephalography (EEG) data to train the future workforce to work in unfamiliar environments, including desolate hard to reach places such as deep space, low Earth orbit, deep ocean, and polar regions. Dr. Dixit will lead this 3-year project with collaborators from Visualization, Aerospace Engineering, and Psychological and Brain Sciences.



Research Article by COSC Faculty Receives Best Paper Award

June 2019 - Dr. Ahn's paper titled "saliency detection analysis of pedestrians' physiological responses to assess adverse built environment features" has received the Best Paper Award (1st place) of the ASCE International Conference on Computing in Civil Engineering (I3CE) that was hosted by Georgia Tech in Atlanta (June 17-19).



Professor Ahn Receives Texas A&M X Grant

June 2019 - We are pleased to announce that Dr. Ryan Ahn is the recipient of one of the eight university-wide X-Grants in the 2019 cycle. This project seeks to create smarter and more connected cities for independent mobility and healthy aging of older adults. Dr. Ahn and his team will construct a digital twin city (DTC) model with physiological and visual sensing data. This DTC model will be leveraged to design and simulate stress-aware interventions to promote older adults' mobility and healthy behaviors (e.g., identify the least stressful first-and-last mile trip path to access transit).



COSC hosts researchers from University of Patras

March 2019 - Dr. Chassiakos (Professor of Civil Engineering) and Mr. Karatzas (Ph.D. Candidate) visited the Construction Science Department and gave talks on "optimization research in civil engineering and construction management", and "business process analysis and STAMP (systems-theoretic accident model and processes) for building energy management".  They also met with several COSC faculty members and students to discuss future partnership opportunities.



Several COSC faculty members receive T3 grants

December 2018 - Seven COSC faculty members have received a total of five T3 (Texas A&M Triads for Transformation) research grants. The T3 program is designed to accelerate opportunities for interdisciplinary research and scholarship that impact the state, nation, and the world.



Professor Behzadan's AI research showcased at the Center for Infrastructure Renewal (CIR)

November 2018 - During a visit by the Army Futures Command (AFC) to Texas A&M University, Dr. Behzadan showcased his team's work on designing and testing of artificial intelligence (AI) computing systems for real time ground asset detection and localization in drone footage, with applications in disaster response, urban informatics, and geospatial mapping.



Professor Suermann Joins a Panel of NSF Experts on Antarctica Project

September 2018 - Dr. Suermann was in Denver with the U.S. National Science Foundation (NSF) reviewing Leidos International's plan for working with Parsons as the Prime Sub on $355M of construction, demolition, and consolidation for the Antarctica Infrastructure Modernization for Science (AIMS) project at the South Pole.  Starting in FY19, this project will help take American presence in Antarctica to the next level needed to handle the invigorated research we accomplish there through the NSF.



Professor Lavy Receives Honorary Appointment in the U.K.

May 2018 - Dr. Lavy will be a visiting scholar in the School of Built Environment at the Liverpool John Moores University. This position is regarded as a significant accolade and recognition of the scholar's prominence in the field, and was offered to Dr. Lavy in recognition of his major contributions to student learning. Dr. Lavy will spend the fall semester in the U.K as part of this appointment.


Professor Du speaks at TEDx TAMU

April 2018 - Dr. Eric Du delivered a talk on "vibrations, the common language of internet of things (loTs)" at the latest edition of TEDx TAMU. Dr. Du's work focuses on smart information technologies for the next generation infrastructure systems, and aims to tackle engineering problems of significance to industry and society. 



Four COSC faculty members received T3 grants

March 2018 - Four COSC faculty members have received T3 (Texas A&M Triads for Transformation) research grants. The T3 program is designed to accelerate opportunities for interdisciplinary research and scholarship that impact the state, nation, and the world. Selected T3 projects with COSC faculty involvement are:

During this inaugural year of the T3 program, 100 innovative interdisciplinary projects were randomly selected for funding. There will be approximately $3 million invested annually in T3 projects.


Workshop on wearable and mobile computing

March 2018 - The Workshop on "Wearable and Mobile Computing for Construction and the Built Environment" was successfully held on March 4 during the 2018 IEEE Body Sensor Networks (BSN) Conference in Las Vegas. Four faculty members from Texas A&M Construction Science Department (Professors Behzadan, Ahn, Du, and Ham) organized and hosted speakers from several universities including the University of Michigan, Northeastern University, and the City University of Hong Kong in this year's workshop.



Visit by the Senior Director of Autodesk Technology Centers

March 2018 - The Departments of Construction Science and Architecture hosted Rick Rundell, Senior Director of Technology Centers at Autodesk. Autodesk Technology Centers (ATCs) consist of facilities in San Francisco, Boston, Toronto, and the UK where Autodesk collaborates with industry, academic, and entrepreneurial communities to speculate, validate and test ideas about the future of making. A multidisciplinary team from Texas A&M University led by Professors Behzadan and Kalantar will travel to Boston later this year for a research residence project in Autodesk's BUILD Space.



Three COSC professors selected as 2017 ASCE Outstanding Reviewers

March 2018 - The American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE) has selected Dr. Ryan Ahn and Dr. Eric Du as Outstanding Reviewers for the Journal of Construction Engineering and Management. In addition, Dr. Youngjib Ham was selected as an Outstanding Reviewer for the Journal of Computing in Civil Engineering.