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Texas A&M University College of Architecture of Major

Academic Advising

Current Students

Academic Advisors are located in the College of Architecture's Office of Student Services.  Students are ultimately responsible for the choices they make in college, however, the University realizes that in order to make informed decisions, students need the mentoring and advice of academic advisors and others in the University community. The student's academic advisor is your primary resource regarding academic issues.

It's extremely important for students to visit with their advisor regarding prerequisites and other course requirements that may affect their progress toward graduation.  Therefore, it's recommended that students seek advice from their advisor at least once per semester.

Office Hours:  Monday - Friday, 8:00 am - 5:00 pm

Advising by Appointment:  To schedule an appointment, please use the SWAN appointment system by clicking hereThis system is available for current TAMU students only.


Degree Plans

All students are placed on the current catalog when they enter the Department of Construction Science. Students must complete all of the requirements for their specific catalog.

Current Degree Plan: Degree Plan 142 ('19-'20)

Past Degree Plans:

Upper Level Application

Before a student may take COSC upper level classes (300 and 400 level classes), the student must complete and submit an Upper Level Application, make an upper-level advising appointment, ensure all requirements are completed as outlined by the student's advisor, and be admitted to upper level. 

Upper Level Application Form Due Dates

Change of Major Application

Students currently enrolled in another major at Texas A&M University with fewer than 60 hours who desire to change their major field of study into construction management must complete and submit a change of major application. The department will admit the best qualified applicants based on the number of spaces available.  the Department of Construction Science does not accept application for Summer admission or admit change of major students in the Summer.

Change of Major Application Due Dates