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Study Abroad

There is an ever increasing need for graduates with international experience.  The Department of Construction Science presents one of the most high impact study abroad experiences offered by Texas A&M University.  Spending time abroad studying and going on-site at some of the world's most exciting construction projects makes our program unique from many other study abroad programs offered. 

Click here for the 360 Degree Global Impact video "Building London" that follows Texas A&M Construction Science students and professor Steve Rodgers as they explore London.

Click here for an application link for upcoming study abroad opportunities.


To see comments on the day to day activities of our students participating in our study abroad programs and get an idea of what the action packed study trip includes, look at some of the blogs the students have posted over recent semesters.

Two Programs Annually & A "UK Field Trip"

The Department of Construction Science has two study abroad programs, spring or summer, for upper level construction science students. With some course planning in advance, students should be able to take advantage of one of these programs at any point while they are in upper level. Both programs are led by full time Construction Science faculty and allow students to get credit for upper level COSC courses required in their degree program while also experiencing a true international lifestyle, cultural diversity and the dynamic construction industry operating in Western Europe. There is also an additional Spring Break opportunity to participate in the Constructionarium Project located in northeast England.

Summer Study Abroad

The five week summer program covers many of the same activities but does not include the internship time. The itinerary varies slightly every summer to maximize the opportunities for students. This program offers students the opportunity for maximum travel and impact, while giving up the minimal amount of time away from "home" here in the States. The five week summer program does not satisfy the College of Architecture semester away requirement.

2012 Spring Study Abroad Video

Semester Study Abroad

The semester long program (“Wingtips, Work boots, & Wigs”) is a study abroad and internship experience packaged together in one 19-week program. The full semester “2 Semesters in 1” program (academics + internship) takes place in the spring. It is a 19 week program centered on living in London. Time is equally split between academic work and internship assignments. The combination of courses and internship allows students the chance to earn up to 16 credit hours of upper-level courses focusing primarily on legal and risk management issues in construction in the US and abroad. Seven (7) hours are core curriculum requirements. Because of the internship component and UK visa requirements, the program takes place entirely within the UK, and is based in London. However, students will travel as a group to multiple places of note in and around Great Britain. There are also multiple opportunities for individual travel throughout Europe. This program is unique in that it allows students to fulfill both their internship requirement and their semester away requirement while also earning up to 16 credit hours. Many students taking advantage of this program are able to graduate a semester earlier than would otherwise be possible.  

Spring Study Abroad Adventures


All programs include the Constructionarium experience.  The program requires student groups to plan, schedule, budget, manage and then do the actual "hands-on" construction of a scaled down version of iconic buildings, bridges, dams and civil engineering projects from all over the world.  We are proud that our students from Texas A&M University have been the only group from the United States to complete a Constructionarium project without assistance from another college or university.

Constructionarium is a joint effort between the British construction industry and academia.  It operates on a repurposed Royal Air Force base in northeast England and trains hundreds of students annually.

For more information about the Study Abroad Programs, contact Professor Steve Rodgers or Professor Debra Ellis.  

The Study Abroad Programs Office representative is Erin Kibler.